Tables Rhinofloors

Besides our normal program rough lumber and wooden flooring, we are supplying aswell Solid Oak Tables, squared edged or with half wane (steel legs on request), in rustic grade.

The Sold Oak tables are dried between 10-12% mc and available in 40 and 45mm thickness. The width of the tables are around 100cm wide and available in the length 1.80/2.00/2.20/2.40/2.60/2.80 and 3.00m long. The lamel width is around 10-16cm wide.

The table tops are in surfaced, brushed and/or with v-bevel. Oval tables are available in following sizes: 1.00×2.00m, 1.10×2.20m and 1.20×2.40/2.60/2.80m.